March Gladness at Tab For a Cause

Starting March 13th the college groups on Tab for a Cause will be competing in a bracket style tournament for "charitable supremacy!" For more on the tournament: click here

Uncertain by what Tab For a Cause is and why you should care? Continue reading!

What is Tab for a Cause?

Tab for a Cause is a free browser extension that raises money for charity with every new tab a user opens. After the user downloads the extension, the new tab page will be a customizable backdrop with widgets and a couple of banner advertisements in the corner. The money raised from these advertisements is donated to charity.

The Tab For a Cause FAWQ states: "No matter what our costs are, we give at least half of our revenue to charity. Historically we’ve given upwards of 90%.

We use the rest of the revenue for two purposes: 

(1) to cover costs, which include hosting/server costs and food for our 
(2) to reinvest in getting more Tabbers so that we can give more to 
charity in the long term."

How Do Groups Work?

Once you download the extension, you can see and join groups by going to your Dashboard (the speedometer button to the left on the page).
To find a group use the search bar on the top of the dashboard. Once you have joined a group, your New Tab counts (heats) will be added to the group's total in attempt to climb the "Top Groups" leader board. You can also compete within your grop to see who is the "Top Tabber".

Join me in this crazy competition to raise money for charity and see which school spends the most time randomly clicking around on the internet!

Written on March 12, 2015