Reading Suggestions from Feb 2015

I'm going to start a new monthly post where I link to the most interesting articles, blog posts, tutorials and youtube videos I've found throughout the previous month.

Articles and Blog Posts:

Baye's Theorem with Legos written by Will Kurt of Count Bayesie If you've been looking for away to visualize how Bayes Theorem works, Will Kurt has written a piece using legos to picture the formula at work.

The Problem With Data written by Konstantin Kakaes. An interesting look into the future of big data.
Many of these problems mentioned are problems will data of ALL sizes.

What Would Spock Do: How Leonard Nimoy Helped Me Prosper A lovely tribute to the late Leonard Nimoy written by CNET's Bonnie Burton.

Python vs R An interesting look into whether teaching python or R for data science is more useful. (More personal opinion on this topic is that it's useful to learn both.)

What's the Point of Assessment? by Shira Loewenstein. A look into the purpose of standardize testing and grades, and the challenges faced by teachers and students alike.

Why Some Teams ar Smarter Than Others Written by: Anita Woolley, Thomas W. Malone and Christopher Chabris. This is a great article about working with people without wasting time. It is a great read and useful for everyone who has experienced problems that can occur when human beings try to work together in groups.


Github Better your knowledge and use of github.

Knitr Lean how to use Knitr to change R code into blog posts.

Written on March 3, 2015