A long while ago now, Nujchare tweeted about an awesome vis she did using rvest and Power Bi.

Using rvest + purrr packages to scrap APOD. PowerBI viz it up real nice! #rstats #powerbi. My learning journal during #NASADatanauts year of awesomeness. https://t.co/cnwttLPoIS pic.twitter.com/je511h99L9

— Nujcharee (เป็ด) (@Nujcharee) December 8, 2017

I complemented her work and she asked me to look over the code. I jumped at the chance, (1) because I don’t know a ton about scraping website data and wanted to see what she started, (2) I could help with the dplyr part of the code, and most imporantly (3) I love APOD!

I love APOD so much, that for most of my childhood my life goal was “get a picture published to APOD.” To make matter more exciting, in 2009 this happened